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Cocopeat Brick/Briquette

A 100% organic eco-friendly renewable resource that is used as a growing medium or soil conditioner. It has very strong water and nutrient holding capacity creating optimum conditions for plant growth. These are very popular as a home gardening growing media, and are used for indoor and outdoor potted flowering and foliage plants, vegetables all types and seed sowing, lawn laying and regeneration of soil. Cocopeat bricks expand up to four times its compressed size. They are specially made for the retail market and retail nurseries.


Advantages of cocopeat bricks

  • 100% natural
  • Renewable resource
  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Enables the development of a stronger root system
  • Perfect air and water balance
  • Static pH and EC values
  • Easy to use

Technical Data for Cocopeat Bricks

DimensionsCompression R:WeightMoistureECVolume
20 × 10 × 05 cm 8:1 650g 20% > Adjustable 8 L - 9 L(3 L of Water)  

Physical features of Cocopeat Bricks

  • Substrates 05%
  • Air 15%
  • Water 80%